Pubs n Clubs Websites
Many pubs and clubs through the country have their own character, their own
history, and many are famous for their food, their range of drinks or for their live
music. Whatever is special about your pub or club, a CrimsonBall.Net website
will ensure that people know about it.
If you have live music events, your website can carry the details and dates,
And it will be easy for you to keep them up-to-date; no struggling to keep
changing the webpages on your site and try to avoid wrecking the the way it
looks! A simple, password controlled Control Panel allows you to type in the
changes, click an update button and your new event is available for everyone
to see!
Similarly, your menus and prices, opening hours, your darts leagues,
dominoes, skittles and any other pub games or quiz nights can all be
announced and kept up-to-date online on your website! You can even
have your own blogs and photo albums for those unforgettable nights!
Let CrimsonBall.Net bring your pub or club to life on the Internet!
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Toolsets for Business
CrimsonBall.Net can
supply business tools
that help promote your
business, including
eCommerce packages,
Blogs, Photo Albums,
Mailing Lists and any
bespoke tools you may
need  to promote your
business online!
Music Websites
If you are a musician,
music teacher, a band,
solo artist or recording
studio, then you are a very
interesting subject ... you
may even get a discount!
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