Personal Websites
The world Wide Web is the ideal place to promote yourself as an individual, or to promote your work, your
services or your ideas. Ideal because a website can in so many ways reflect your character or that of the work or
service you provide.
The design and even the colour scheme of your website can reflect your own personality and can add depth to
your image and your ideas. People love to browse the ‘Net; through your website, you can harness this
enthusiasm to put across your message to people who are already in a positive frame of mind.
Of course, there are many types of personal websites. The sole trader, the photographics model or indeed the
photographer. The there are life coaches, financial advisors or simply those personal websites where the owner
simple wishes to have their own little corner of the World Wide Web where they can express their ideas and
So whether you want to promote yourself as an online clairvoyant, sell insurance or knitting patterns, publish your
own blog on the world as you see it, or to have a full blown online store, the possibilities are endless, and it need
not cost the Earth! can put together a website, inconjuntion with your own ideas that best reflects your personality
and your ideas. Use the contact page to make it a reality!
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Going it alone!
Some people may want
to try their hand at
building a website. This
can be very satisfying,
especially when it
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Web Hosting
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own website, follow the tips
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