Business Websites
There are many reasons for having a website for your business. You may have an established business and want
a website as your “web presence”; your corporate web identity. You may want a simple “web business card” to let
potential customers know you are there. And of course, you maybe a wholly Internet-located business, perhaps a
full-blown Internet store, complete with product catalogues and shopping carts and so on.
Whatever type of website you want, you need a good-looking site, one that is “search engine friendly” that is easy
to navigate and easy to keep up-to-date, with out the costly involvement of your web author and the delays that
gives rise to.
For your business website, you can choose from a simple HTML “business card” style website, to a database-
driven website, giving you the ability to make changes to your website, quickly and immediately, using a password
controlled “control panel”.  A CrimsonBall.Net Website Control Panel is easy to use; if you can type, even with two
fingers, you can control your own website!
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Toolsets for Business
CrimsonBall.Net can
supply business tools
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business, including
eCommerce packages,
Blogs, Photo Albums,
Mailing Lists and any
bespoke tools you may
need  to promote your
business online!
Web Hosting
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